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Inspiring & Empowering

A very personal and inspiring story that empowers your little one to be brave and daring.

Personalized with name and dedication

Create a unique gift for a beloved child by adding a personal dedication and choosing the name and look of your child!

A special gift

Every personalized book is hand wrapped by our team in special Tree of Life paper and then shipped straight from our magical Name Forest to your home.


Your book is a robust hardcover with sturdy pages measuring 21cm x 21 cm - perfect and safe for little hands. Printed on sustainable paper in Germany!

Inspire with additional gifts

Interested in more exciting ways to enjoy the Tree of Life Story? Check out our personalized memory game, placemat and growth chart.

Let's go

What our customers think


"Have ordered the book for Christmas for the little one of a very good friend. As I work as a coach professionally, I was looking for a book with a deeper and inspiring message. This book has it all! The story is empowering, the illustrations are wonderful, it’s a high quality hardcover and best of all: it’s personalized. Little Lotta liked it alot!"


"For a long time I have searched for a suitable and beautiful book for my daughter, which I can personalize to her name. Many books I considered didn't look very professional or with a good story. But "The Tree of Life" is exactly what I was looking for. I am so grateful for this book - thank you very much!"


"Today the books have arrived in great condition. They are absolutely wonderful - big compliment. I'm already looking forward to gifting them. "


"We have read the book to our daughter several times already. She listens attentively and asks lots of questions. The story stimulates the imagination of the children and is very sweetly illustrated. We find the "message" of this book very beautiful. Even we us parents were allowed to dream peacefully.".😊


"I purchased two personalised books by Johanna as Christmas presents for my boys. They have absolutely loved the book- they love the pictures, the colours. They were amused upon seeing themselves on the cover and in the book. ‘Forest of life’ by Johanna Lehmann is definitely one of my boys’ Favourite books which I read to them every other night:) Can't wait for publication of her other books."


"Such a wonderful and lovingly illustrated book. The story is very touching and special for children. In our family both young and old loved it instantly. I think it’s a real treasure in the world of children's books. We are already looking forward to the next one. "


"My nearly 2-years old daughter loves the images of Naby, the bear. And she as well loves to hear her own name mentioned. She will be excited to explore the full story when she is a little older. Thank you! "


"Today the books have arrived in great condition. They are absolutely wonderful - big compliment. I'm already looking forward to gifting them. "

The Story

Imagine you go to sleep and have a wonderful dream that changes your life!

You wake up in a magical forest with trees as colorful and vivid as you have never seen before. You meet a friendly bear and he shows you the most special thing you could dream of: your very own Tree of Life. The bear teaches you that your tree grows together with you - all through your life. The more colorful, wild and brave your life is, the bigger and stronger your own tree will grow. But the adventure is not over yet!

Our Mission

We started United Letters to create personalized mindful storybooks to dream big and shoot for the stars.

When writer Johanna Lehmann and illustrator Christina Snuggs became moms they were looking for inspiring and beautifully illustrated children’s books with a personal touch to them. But they couldn’t find what they were looking for. So one night they sat together and started brainstorming and sketching and the next morning their first book idea was born. Every book is a work of love!

"The world is yours! Go out there and create your own story, water your tree of life with many experiences and it will grow magnificent, sparkling and lush.”

Excerpt from “The Tree of Life”

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