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The Tree of Life

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What Our Customers Think

"The world is yours! Go out there and create your own story, water your tree of life with many experiences and it will grow magnificent, sparkling and lush.”

Excerpt from “The Tree of Life”

Zoe English

The Story

Imagine you go to sleep and have a wonderful dream that changes your life!

You wake up in a magical forest with trees as colorful and vivid as you have never seen before. You meet a friendly bear called Naby. He shows you the most special thing you could dream of: your very own Tree of Life. The bear teaches you that your tree grows together with you - all through your life. The more colorful, wild and brave your life is, the bigger and stronger your own tree will grow. But the adventure is not over yet! Follow Naby through the Forest of Life and get inspired!

Inspiring & Empowering

A Robust Hardcover With Your Name And A Powerful Message!



With Your Name

Create a unique gift for a beloved one. Just let us know the name and choose the character and we personalize the book accordingly!



To Empower Kids

Your child will enjoy a wonderful personal and inspiring story that empowers it to be brave and dare itself to try. We were told that even grown-ups felt inspired by it :).



For Little Hands

Your book is a robust hardcover book measuring 21cm x 21 cm - perfect and safe for little hands. It comes with an innovative LayFlat Binding and board pages. Its quality made in Germany!

About Us

We Are Passionate About Empowering Kids Through Books!

When writer Johanna Lehmann became a mom in 2015 she was looking for inspiring and beautifully illustrated children’s books with a personal touch to them. Since she didn't find what she was looking for, she started writing a book for little Zoe herself. Zoe's friends liked the book so much that Johanna started personalizing the book to every child.
Every book is a work of love.

Johanna Lehmann

Johanna Lehmann

Founder & Author

Johanna grew up in Germany. Her previous books won the 2013 Writer‘s Institute and were finalist at the Tuscon Festival of Books. Johanna is the founder of United Letters, passionate mom, avid reader and aspiring yogi.

Max Lehmann

Max Lehmann

Business Development & Growth

With more than 10 years of experience in digital industries Max is passionate about technology and startup growth. He studied at LMU and Berkeley University. Max loves surfing, sailing and skiing.

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