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A personalized story book

Choose name and look of the child and add your own dedication to create a book unlike anything else.

Mindful & Adventurous

A mindful and important story making your child the hero of the ocean!


This premium hardcover is made to last. It’s pages are from robust paper and measure 21cm x 21 cm. We print sustainably in Germany!

A special gift

Vibrant watercolor illustrations bring the ocean alive in this fantastic personalized gift.

What our customers think


"Soo happy to have found this personalized book for my son which tells a magical adventurous ocean story AND the same time it teaches him how he can help keep our oceans clean."


"What a wonderful gift and idea!!! I absolutely love this personalized book for my daughter! The illustrations are highly artistic and the story is so beautiful and important. There are some other personalized books out there, but I haven’t seen that much love for a truly inspiring story with high quality illustrations anywhere else before."


"Being a surfer and big ocean fan this book was the perfect gift for all my 3 godsons and daughters! Very empowering indeed!"


"Yeah! Is there a better to teach your kids about the beauty of the ocean than taking them onto a personalized ocean adventure? Top-notch illustrations and book quality!"


"I was already a fan of their previous book "The Tree of Life" as it has such an uplifting message to live life to the fullest potential. Therefore I am thrilled to now see their second book on this beautifully personalized ocean adventure to make my kid not even the hero of the story but as well teach him to take care of the ocean."

Protection of sea turtles

With every book sold we support La Tortuga Feliz, a turtle conservation program in Costa Rica, whose aim is the protection of sea turtles with the help of volunteers. Our founder Johanna worked there as a volunteer before writing this book.

Our Mission

The ocean carries so much magic and beauty which we want to share with children through our personalized storybooks.

With our personalized Ocean Adventure Book we take every child on a journey to experience the richness of the sea and its creatures while playfully teaching them how they can help to keep the ocean wonderful and abundant.

This book is the first title of our One Little Earth series, an ecological children’s book series that encourages kids to be mindful towards our planet.

The Story

Imagine sitting on the golden sandy beach when a friendly sea turtle climbs out of the rolling waves.

She takes you on an exciting and magical ocean adventure. You get to meet all the colorful sea creatures. Soon, they ask you to help them with a great challenge that they face. You, being your brave and ingenious self, come up with the greatest plan to help them all.

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